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Stress. Is your body/mind coping?

Stress causes the body and mind to be in a state of dis-ease the longer we experience a lack of ease, the more prone we are to developing disease in both our mental and physical health. The fast paced nature of our current climate has meant that we see these high levels of stress as […]

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Raising a generation on Milk & Social Media

Having started working within Children and Adolescent Mental Health services, I am becoming even more aware of the detrimental effect social media is having on a generation. A generation who have been interacting via an iPad before they have begun to crawl or speak! The flashing images, and transfixing glow of the screen is our […]

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To Move and be Moved – Audience Responses

Thank you to the audience of ‘ Holding the Body in Mind’, a performance platform to raise awareness for mental health from a Dance Movement psychotherapy perspective, your presence and feedback is greatly appreciated and inspiring. “Being in the audience I felt connected to everyone. I didn’t feel lonely, a safe space. It was a lot of […]

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All Change…

Change is inevitable, so why does it sometimes feel so unmanageable, so overwhelming? We are either lusting over the arrival of change or trying to preserve the now, fearful of when a change may occur. It’s a curious subject, the concept of change, as it occupies the realm of the unknown, and the unknown can […]

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Who defines your Body?

Today I find myself increasingly aware of the media’s impact on how we see and define our bodies. Whether it be the constant bombardment of images of the ‘ideal’ women and male physique within advertising campaigns, which aim to convince us to purchase their goods in the drive to obtain the  ‘ultimate’ body!. Or viewing images on […]

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