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Sitting down and ‘social’

Recently I have been facilitating dance movement workshops to reconnect people with their moving body. I was humbled, but not surprised, to witness that reconnecting others to their moving body also led to people feeling more connected to other people, creating a sense of community. The impact of revealing how dance can act as a vessel of communication […]

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Moving Matters!

This month I was invited by the innovative Jana, director of NOW live events to facilitate a movement workshop within the Deptford Art & Science Festival.  As a professional who works along the bridge between Art and Science, the invitation to collaborate within the festival was ideal! The festival is aimed at the community, offering access […]

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What Drives your body on?

Money, Power, Ambition, Structure, Happiness, Health, Love what Drives you on? The human being is complex creation, constantly motivated to satisfy our drives. True, action drives can provide a sense of motivation, hope, and fulfillment but the journey towards satisfying and meeting these drives can develop anxiety, exhaustion, and a devalued sense of self if […]

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