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Towards a Healthy ‘whole’ you!

The creative process of organizing and creating ‘Holding the Body in Mind’, a performance platform in collaboration with the Mental Health Foundation, has taken me back into the studio and away from my regular blogging! A rare moment of stillness allows me to enter back into the reflective space, to create words instead of movements, […]

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All Change…

Change is inevitable, so why does it sometimes feel so unmanageable, so overwhelming? We are either lusting over the arrival of change or trying to preserve the now, fearful of when a change may occur. It’s a curious subject, the concept of change, as it occupies the realm of the unknown, and the unknown can […]

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Moving ‘outside the box’

Describe yourself in three words… How would your friends and family describe you? Which word best describes you, cheeky, mature, calming, funny, adventurous, dependable, shy, dramatic….the list of possibilities go on. These are just some questions I have seen appear in magazines and overheard in conversations, asking us to package ourselves neatly into a descriptive […]

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What Drives your body on?

Money, Power, Ambition, Structure, Happiness, Health, Love what Drives you on? The human being is complex creation, constantly motivated to satisfy our drives. True, action drives can provide a sense of motivation, hope, and fulfillment but the journey towards satisfying and meeting these drives can develop anxiety, exhaustion, and a devalued sense of self if […]

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Who defines your Body?

Today I find myself increasingly aware of the media’s impact on how we see and define our bodies. Whether it be the constant bombardment of images of the ‘ideal’ women and male physique within advertising campaigns, which aim to convince us to purchase their goods in the drive to obtain the  ‘ultimate’ body!. Or viewing images on […]

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