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Body on the move

Taking care of your body in flight. Most recently a trip to the other side of the world from the UK has brought my awareness to the extra care needed to the vessel we travel in. Not the plane, train, boat or car but our own body that is dragged between time zones and demanded […]

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World Mental Health Day 2014

This year, Friday 10th of October is also known as World Mental Health day. This year the focus is on living with schizophrenia.  The wording is ironic due to the lack of focus living with schizophrenia can create.  To break it down the World health Organisation defines schizophrenia as: ‘a severe mental disorder, characterized by profound disruptions in thinking, affecting language, perception, and the sense of self. It often includes […]

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Yoga: A work out AND a work in!

Yoga enables you to become present in the body, and it is only in the present, that life exits. The practice of Yoga has many similarities to the facilitation of Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP). Yoga, like DMP focuses on the present moment of honouring the body. Through connecting with the breath, Yogis and sometimes clients […]

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Constant Movers: Arriving to Depart

As I sit waiting in the arrivals lounge watching a constant stream of people, some hesitantly, some confidently, travel through the arrival gates, I start to question if we every wholly arrive anywhere. Surely as our body/mind moves through various places and stages in our lives we are an enigma of constant change, never fully arriving, […]

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Bodies in relationship, you, me, we…

Its Monday and another week with its possibilities awaits. I spent the weekend reconnecting with my body and de-cluttering myself from the ‘me’and ‘not me’ stuff I had been carrying from the week before. Sometimes this becomes challenging when our lives become interwoven with those that surround us. As psychotherapists we are encouraged to use a technique called bracketing,which […]

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