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Press Release:

Muddy Stilettos Gloucestershire participated in a Dance Movement Psychotherapy session to obtain an embodied understanding of the practice.

Experiential interview by Refinery 29, Health and Living Editor, Jess Commons.

Upcoming events:

BHFT NHS CAMHS clinical effectiveness seminar. Dance Movement Psychotherapy – Embodied Mind/Mindful Body. Thursday 24th of November.

Past Events:

European Association of Dance Movement Therapy Annual Conference ‘Crisis, Creativity and Society’ . Poster Presentation and screening of ‘Holding the Body in Mind’ Milano Italy.

‘I move, Therefore I am’ 4.30pm Saturday the 9th July @ Mountsfield Park, The Lodge,

NOW Welcome Home (2)

Workshop Information HERE!

‘Back to the Body’ @ Wilderness Festival

Sunday 9th of August 6pm

Holding the Body in Mind – Mental Health Awareness Week DMP performance platform Trailer:


Edit by David Evans

‘Moving Matters’ @ Switch on Now Deptford Art and Science Festival 

Tuesday 7th of July 2015 3pm



‘Holding the Body in Mind’

Saturday 16th of May 2015

7.30pm @ TripSpace London


A Dance Movement Psychotherapy Performance Platform in Collaboration with Mental Health Awareness week.

Event Details Here:

Schizophrenia On my Mind

Improvised Embodiment for World Mental Health Day – October 2014

Towards an embodied understanding of Dance Movement Psychotherapy within an in-patient psychiatric ward in the United Kingdom: A feminist Phenomenological Investigation – May 2014

Unpublished MA Research Thesis (University of Roehampton MA Dance Movement Psychotherapy)

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 Continual Professional Development:

Anna Halprin Tamalpa Insititute, Empowering Creativity through Movement, Metaphor & Dance with Anna Halprin, San Francisco.

Dr Helen Payne, Authentic Movement for cultivating Therapeutic Presence, London.

Penny Rance, Level 1 Sherborne Developmental Movement, London. – Association of Dance Movement Pschotherapy UK.