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Category Archives: Kimberley Pena – Musings of a Dance Movement Psychotherapist

‘Home is where the Heart is’

In a culture motivated by slogans and quotes for that #mondaymotivation or that #fridayfeeling I feel a need to explore these familiar phrases to unpick a little of the mantra we seem, all to quickly, to adopt. So ‘Home is where the heart is’ is often connected to the image of a building inhabited by those we […]

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Raising a generation on Milk & Social Media

Having started working within Children and Adolescent Mental Health services, I am becoming even more aware of the detrimental effect social media is having on a generation. A generation who have been interacting via an iPad before they have begun to crawl or speak! The flashing images, and transfixing glow of the screen is our […]

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Sitting down and ‘social’

Recently I have been facilitating dance movement workshops to reconnect people with their moving body. I was humbled, but not surprised, to witness that reconnecting others to their moving body also led to people feeling more connected to other people, creating a sense of community. The impact of revealing how dance can act as a vessel of communication […]

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Moving Matters!

This month I was invited by the innovative Jana, director of NOW live events to facilitate a movement workshop within the Deptford Art & Science Festival.  As a professional who works along the bridge between Art and Science, the invitation to collaborate within the festival was ideal! The festival is aimed at the community, offering access […]

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To Move and be Moved – Audience Responses

Thank you to the audience of ‘ Holding the Body in Mind’, a performance platform to raise awareness for mental health from a Dance Movement psychotherapy perspective, your presence and feedback is greatly appreciated and inspiring. “Being in the audience I felt connected to everyone. I didn’t feel lonely, a safe space. It was a lot of […]

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