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Join the Movement

Session structure


I am aware of the demands our technological driven society asks of us in order to ‘keep up’ creating a community out of touch with our bodies. The Dance movement Psychotherapy space offers an opportunity to return to the body. Creating time to process and reflect what we often cognitively ignore. An opportunity to reconnect through the mutual language of movement.

Dance movement psychotherapy session can be within a group or individual setting depending on your needs.

Each session is semi structured influenced by Dr Marcia Leventhal’s 5 Part structure:

Warm up:
Usually a verbal check in while simultaneously warming up the body. Noticing areas of tension or relaxation

Body will be encouraged to move creatively and spontaneously This may offer insight into unconscious patterns of thinking for you to move from and with

A personal theme or intention may be brought to the surface to work with both verbally and non verbally

Important for grounding the body back into the here and now after exploration of your theme which may or not involve past memories.

A chance to verbally reflect on the session together and bring a sense of closure to the session.