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About Me

Kimberley Pena

Master in Dance Movement Psychotherapy from Roehampton University of London.

Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist, Dance Artist and Choreographer

Registered Private Practitioner and NHS Specialist.

Accredited ADMPUK Member under UKCP


As a Dance Movement Psychotherapist I facilitate the Psychotherapeutic use of movement and dance, through which a person can engage creatively with a process to further their emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration. No previous dance experience is required, only a curiosity to explore moving the body into new ways of being. The therapeutic space is a safe confidential space for this exploration to unfold.

Dance can be your voice when words are hard to find.

My approach is a humanistic integrated approach drawing from Psychodynamic, Gestalt,  Person-Centered  and developmental theories of practice.

Specialist areas:

Addiction Recovery, Adult Mental Health, Anxiety, Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Eating Disorders, Dementia, Depression, Parent-Child and Family Therapy, Profound and Multiple learning Difficulties, Physical Difficulties

For information on Dance Movement Psychotherapy please visit

Client Testimonials

‘Kimberley has been the first person who I have had this experience with and it has helped me at a very difficult time’

‘Kimberley has helped me move toward a very positive happy place. I am hugely grateful to her for all her warmth, time and effort.’

‘Through her we grew closer and learned to trust one another. We were more aware of our feelings and how to release them.’

‘I’m feeling much better. It’s like I’ve just had a big cry to exactly the right kind of nurturing friend and been able to voice exactly what I was feeling with eloquence, even though I’ve done nothing of the sort. It’s cathartic. I can’t even imagine how valuable a properly administered course of therapy like this would be to someone in the midst of a seriously dark struggle.’ – Jess Commons Refinery29 on DMP with Kimberley Pena


‘She is clear and passionate believer in the power of her chosen modality: This is no doubt transmitted to the patient in terms of their ‘felt’ experience of security whilst working with her’

Richard Whitaker Art Psychotherapist

‘Kimberley uses her movement range to find creative ways of connection and to enable client’s expansion of movement range and space. She has a non possessive warmth towards clients and the team’

Linsey Clark Dance Voice Bristol

‘Kimberley has an excellent relationship with patients. She is clearly aware of pertinent issues and demonstrates the ability to adjust her style / the sessions to needs of the individuals and the group. The feedback that I have had from patients are that they have found the sessions helpful and stimulating It has been a pleasure to work with her. All in all she is an asset to the team and the organisation as a whole.’

Dr Azlan Luk Psychiatrist