Stress causes the body and mind to be in a state of dis-ease the longer we experience a lack of ease, the more prone we are to developing disease in both our mental and physical health.
The fast paced nature of our current climate has meant that we see these high levels of stress as part of everyone’s experience and therefore nothing we need too much to worry about.

The more stressed, the busier you are and the busier you are the more successful you are, right?
While some may argue this is true for ‘success’ in the material world the damage you are causing to your body and mind may well mean that your time to enjoy those successes is short lived.
We are all some what addicted to our smart phones and portable tech. So using this as a relatable reference we know that when we attempt to open too many tabs on these devices the result is a sluggish performance speed and worse case scenario the dreaded ‘no more storage’ reminder.

Our brains and bodys are the same, the more we push without recharging the more at risk we are of our body/mind sending us these same messages and shutting down. Yet we ignore the non verbal cues our body is sending us.

Those recurring head aches, the insomnia, the bloating in our guts, the acne break outs, the ‘going through the motions’ feeling, the snappy conversations with loved ones. Sound familiar?

And how do we attempt to deal with these to carry on? Pop a paracetamol for that headache, cut out carbs convinced it must be gluten causing that bloat, buy the latest acid based face cream to burn that acne off, grab a coffee and scroll though Instagram looking for ‘if I can, you can do it too’ style motivation, and lastly shop around if that relationship feels tired it’s time for a new one, ready steady GO!

Sounds pretty abusive to me. In our attempt to keep up we are letting our body, mind and souls down. Is this stressed out, shorter life span worth whatever it is that we are chasing? More often than not, this chase is often a distraction method to escape the reality of ourselves.

What I have described is the majority of adult clients I see in clinic who are now seeking a reconnection, aware that this pace is not sustainable.
Dance Movement Psychotherapy supports a person into an awareness and a relationship with their authentic self. Supporting acceptance and integration.

Providing a space to be, without agenda without judgement. To be seen and heard to slowly move back towards their own rhythm away from the relentless and sabotaging beat of the modern world.

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week with a focus on stress. If any of this post relates to you and you are yet to seek support please talk to your GP or search for therapists in your area. Just like any other symptom the longer we experience stress the more vulnerable we are to developing mental illness. None of us are immune no matter how well rehearsed our ‘stress free living’ performance is.