2017 Provided:

2017 has been a year of momentus life changes for me, both professionally and personally.

I became a wife in May and ultimately continued this adventure we call life with the man I call my anchor. I am in awe of his uncontiondal support, patience and ability to bring joy wherever he goes. I’m blessed to have him as my partner in life, muddling our way through and growing together.

Our wedding brought our family and friends together and I believe also created a therapeutic space for my family. It created an embodied reminder of the love that evloved from our parents foundations and an opportunity to feel true joy, in a world that is focused on grief and tensions. Gratitude was abundant.

Travel teachings:

This year taught me of the importance of a secure base, to leave from and return to. This has been vital to maintain balance. Having recently relocated to Cheltenham Spa the M4 has become a constant companion, traveling up and down to Berkshire, London with over night stays in Surrey before heading back to the Cotswolds. Most people find this a bizarre choice of lifestyle but as a past performer I have got used to ‘being on tour’. I honestly believe living and working in one place would feel claustrophobic to me. I love to travel knowing that I have the security of a home to return to. Furthermore I am grateful to be able to facilitate Dance Movement Psychotherapy in the NHS and in various counties in the UK. Iam passionate about continuing the accessibility of Dance Movement Psychotherapy so that it doesn’t become exclusive to a ‘catchment area’. Mental health impacts us all and I struggle with the knowledge that certain resources and interventions have become available to only some areas because of commissioning. This is something in the new year I am hope to contribute counteracting.

Moving forward:

Working as Dance Movement Psychotherapist in mental health is an intense but rewarding profession. Having received my private practice registration I will be moving into One Grove Studios in Cheltenham in 2018, offering private sessions. I am excited about supporting more people and further awareness of DMP. I can’t put into words the experience of someone’s first session with me and the impact I witness that comes only from the embodied experience of DMP. One person who managed to put it into words was Jess Commons, Health and Living, editor from Refinery 29. Her article was such a welcomed reflective piece and I will be eternally thankful for her courage to step into the session, beyond her assumptions, and allow herself to ‘just be’.


Travel will continue in 2018 as I will be joining up with the Expansive Voice Luminaries as one of their ‘Healers’ after a passionate and ‘I get you’ conversation with founder Nicolette Amarillas. The possibilities are endless especially with this tribe of inspiration, gifted and honest Women!

At some point in 2018 we will be launching our UK retreat with my yogi soul sister @Gracefulbowyoga The plans are being made and I look forward to inviting clients to an intensive weekend of support, healing and restoration with the person who I’ve been blessed to call my sister. Full details to be revealed in the year.

Final reflection:

Through out this year of changes my family have remained a consistent source of love but not without our trials. We continue to move forward one step at a time supporting those that need to rest, knowing that when tougher times hit that rest and care will be offered in return.

I am not normally one for ‘year reviews’ however I am mindful of the value of bringing awareness to where we have been, where we are now and where we hope to get to.

Right now I’m on the M4 (again!) in the passenger seat. I know where we are headed but I don’t know when we will get there but I know with hope in my heart and understanding for the events that impact our journey, we will get there.

My 2018 is hopeful because I believe that Hope is stronger than Fear. With a deep breath I dive in.