New year always seems to bring a pressure for change. I previously have found New year a time to recreate, reinvent, reshape. I don’t feel like this this year. Maybe it’s because 2016 brought about a lot of change, must of it sudden, that the drive for ‘New year new you’ has lost its appeal. So this year my focus is on ‘recycling’. Acknowledging my core, the foundation of my being. All the parts that have led me to where I am, because it’s my foundation, my roots that will support my growth not the external ‘must have’ need driven noise. Today I found a poem I wrote in 2010 via one of those social media ‘memories’ posts. 7 years ago the ‘old me’ wrote this and today the current me smiles in acknwoldement! We’ve come along way you and I and ultimately our core remains the same.

I love because its nature
I dream because I trust
I dance because of passion
I act because of lust

I cry because it changes
I laugh because it is
I write because it lets me breath
I sing because it cleanses

I play because I need
I teach because I grow
I pray because I live,
A life I’m honored to own

Happy 2017 everyone!