In a culture motivated by slogans and quotes for that #mondaymotivation or that #fridayfeeling I feel a need to explore these familiar phrases to unpick a little of the mantra we seem, all to quickly, to adopt.

So ‘Home is where the heart is’ is often connected to the image of a building inhabited by those we call family, a cosy consistent image, yet delve a little deeper and perhaps this phrase is actually asking us to look inward to that internal sense of feeling at home, home IS where the HEART is. However when we look inward that cosy feeling of security and comfort perhaps is very difficulty to find. Prompting us to seek external reassurance and security in order to feel home and safe. And so in our effort to cultivate that feeling of security we trip over ourselves searching for that parental connection, arms of a lover, neighboured that can be our ‘home fix’ all the time moving further away from our true home. The home which is found through acknowledgeing our selves and our own capacity to generate that feeling of home. After all what is that home feeling but a sensation of having roots in order to grow from, a foundation robust enough to know that here is good, and whatever will be, will be accepted.

Our body is the living shell in which our soul grows, providing protection from the impact of this constantly in flux, demanding, yet beautiful world. Find time to rest a while in your own home, knowing that you are enough. Psychotherapy, translated from its greek origins, reads as: care of the soul. I would encourage all of us to spend some time caring for our internal home so that we are better equipped to start attending to our external ‘home improvements’, whether within our family unit, neighbourhood, country and indeed world, because understanding ‘you’ means I have to start with ‘me’.

If this is a subject you would like to explore more I am contributing to this Summer’s Deptford Lounge festival of arts and well being hosted by Now Live events. This years theme is ‘Welcome Home’ and you are I nvited into a series of interactive workshops. I will be facilitating a movement workshop on Saturday the 9th of July, and you are most welcome to join me there to move your way home! For information please click here:I Move therefore I Am.