Recently I have been facilitating dance movement workshops to reconnect people with their moving body. I was humbled, but not surprised, to witness that reconnecting others to their moving body also led to people feeling more connected to other people, creating a sense of community.

The impact of revealing how dance can act as a vessel of communication has caused serveral people from the workshop to get in touch. They tell me of situations where non-verbal means of communicating has created fantastic opportunities for interaction with others. It seems they have literally began ‘reaching out’ with their bodies, not just their words when making contact when in social situations.

After each workshop the word ‘community’ and ‘connection’ would echo around the space from each participant, verbally summing up their experience. It is fascinating to me that the hunger to be in community and be in physical contact with others seems to be increasing.

I am noticing more and more that our western society is becoming deprived of physically interactive situations.  Day to day intetactions are being restricted to text, e-mail, and even ‘likes’ replacing words of affirmation.  How long can a race, which has evolved through physical interactions, maintain a life which is limited from being in community with others, to learn, to grow, to find support, to laugh to love, in proximity.

As we approach Winter I have become aware of clients and friends who have vocalised a fear of the limits winter can bring. Walks, Works outs, BBQ’s, picnics, yoga in the park, festivals, all seem out of reach once the days get darker and the weather makes it less appealing to be out and about making connections.

However this need to interact with others on a physical level, I feel, out weighs the trepidation of leaving the comfort of our lap top to make connections, and literally keep in touch with people who make up our community,  a community which thrives on being TOGETHER. We are not designed/created for individualistic living on either a biological or psychological level. Lets remember that when being sold the next gadget/app which keeps us sitting down and ‘social’