Thank you to the audience of ‘ Holding the Body in Mind’, a performance platform to raise awareness for mental health from a Dance Movement psychotherapy perspective, your presence and feedback is greatly appreciated and inspiring.

“Being in the audience I felt connected to everyone. I didn’t feel lonely, a safe space. It was a lot of emotion to take in and to emphasize with, the free dance at the end lifted the load. Thank you! I am moved!”

“Fantastic Performance! Very inspiring to each of us who had the good fortune to be your audience in our own way. I wanted to tell you – after dancing in the space myself, at the end, the musician said listen to the sounds and feel any further movement in your body. I could hear the inside of my body. It was great! More please”

“It was truly moving. The music fit the pieces so well. The stories and emotions depicted, though heavy, felt shared amongst us all. Q&A and open dance session at the end truly connected the feeling that we had just had a taste of a group session.”

“I have really enjoyed watching your ‘selves’ expressing what words cannot tell and what to many words cannot convey”

“Fabby! Music stunning and so evocative.  A lot of passion and feeling on display”

“You’ve started a fire of questioning – so glad I came and saw and heard your thoughts. I want to go soak in my thoughts and get back to you!”

“Deep, profound and moving”

“Thank you for a beautiful and moving evening. Great to see dancers embody others without losing themselves. RESPECT!”

“Found it hard to connect with the more choreographer pieces – they didn’t resonate with my experience of DMP. Something gets lost in translating the experience in sessions and the performance. the use of words/narratives helped me connect the two. Movement at the end brought it together.

“Feeling lifted and lighter. Inspirational healing”

I have come to see that dance therapy is a wonderful process of releasing inner anxiety by using movement to express what needs to come out, which I feel can help the mind come to terms with whatever issues the individual is dealing with.”

This is something I found very poignant, important and something I will use myself. Thank you to Kimberly and the other dance therapists for sharing their journey with us, for their warmth and trust and for educating us on a whole new stratosphere of self healing.”

“Enjoyed the experience – some heavy content and the end piece, ending in joyous music and getting audience up dancing was so vital to our experiences – lightening the experience and almost giving the audience a taste of movement lightening heavy burdens ( I might have left feeling sad had we not shook it off!) Q&A fascinating – so interesting to learn and reflect upon”

I am overwhelmed by the response this performance platform has received. It has further ignited the fire towards the recognition of Dance Movement Psychotherapy within Mental Health. It is but a stepping stone on the path to acknowledgment, within public spaces.


Rehearsal Photos by David Evans (Clock Wise from Right corner) Sabio Joy Janiak, Kimberley Pena, Emma Dickson, Mira Schauble.