A month ago I decided to have some time out from social media in order create space for me.

Sure it’s great to keep up to date with events and people,but in becoming an expert on other people’s agendas, you can begin to lose sight of your own path.

As a psychotherapist I spend the majority of my time delving deeply into the highs and lows of a person’s life, my professional role seemed to be merging into my personal, I was totally present for everyone else while simultaneously being absent from myself, a scary place to be be in terms of self care. Cue the digital detox!

Being off social media sites, all of a sudden, opened up this void of time and space. Time and space I’d usually fill scrolling through endless feeds of….well ‘stuff’, other people’s ‘stuff’ flooding my body and mind.

Without being dramatic, I literally felt I could breathe again and weirdly enough, it allowed for more human, physical contact. I found myself bumping into friends and recognising faces all over the place. This may have just been a coincidence, but I couldn’t help thinking that perhaps the opportunity to look around, instead of being occupied by the activity on a phone, iPad, kindle, had created space to observe my existing reality.Spotting my contacts and friends who happened to be passing through!

I know a lot of people who express anxiety about removing themselves from these social media sites, fears of missing out and being forgotten. Social media of course serves a purpose… Or so I’m told but, if that purpose is to feel a part of something at the detriment of separating from the self, you might be due a digital detox promptly, for body mind and spirit.

With anxiety on the increase,this ever changing ‘trending’ culture, is creating a generation unable to anchor onto anything that offers stability, bombarded with constant information, but that’s another blog…!

The human body does not need WIFI signal to tune in in order to make contact and maintain a much more durable connections, so let’s preserve what it means to ‘stay in touch’