Change is inevitable, so why does it sometimes feel so unmanageable, so overwhelming?
We are either lusting over the arrival of change or trying to preserve the now, fearful of when a change may occur.

It’s a curious subject, the concept of change, as it occupies the realm of the unknown, and the unknown can evoke responses dependent on your relationship with it. Does it excite, or cause trepidation?

I am always reassured about changes when positioning myself in the great outdoors. Where change is dependent on natural cycles, not man made conditions of what is “expected”, which can often cause premature periods of change, which are hard to manage.

The ocean, in particular, provides a powerful metaphor for change; ever constant yet always in a state of flux. It endures periods of stormy tides and also rests in peaceful calm waters, always present always preserving life, yet never the same.

The ocean flows with acceptance, and perhaps this is something we as moving bodies can learn from. To flexibly flow in and out of periods of change, taking with us what is needed and leaving what was weighing us down, on the shore.

Change is inevitable, but how we respond to change and periods of unchange is something we can attempt to master, reassured in our bodies ability to flow through life, one breath at a time.