At this time of year Human nature turns its focus to thoughts of the future (even more so than ever!)

The truth is, we never really seem to be ‘here’, always one foot in the future.

So instead of blogging about my to do list for 2015, things I hope to gain and traits I aim to grow out of. I want to take a moment to consider how authentically I/we can move into 2015.

2014 has seen a trend in people urging others to ‘look up’ from their phones and a realisation that social  media is in fact ‘anti-social’. Perhaps 2015 can be a platform for our authentic self to grow beyond what is ‘trending’.

We often mistake being ‘Authentic’ as the ability to be an open book, which comes with its own anxiety. However If we look at the origins of the word, Authenticity translates to ‘author of the self’. To be authentic simply means to take ownership on how you want to be, to write the pages of your own book, instead of allowing others to dictate your story or pressuring you to create a life you haven’t consented to.

The gift of being authentic is we get to continually create ourself, re-choreograph, re-write our self, (just remember to write in pencil!). Of course attempting to be authentic comes with its own challenges but as Victor Frankel reminds us, even in extreme conditions we still have choices.

So, how do you choose to step into 2015?

As I move into 2015, mindful of how I continue to ‘be’ me I find inspiration by one of my favourite Authors, Paulo Coelho:

‘Be Brave, take risk. Nothing can substitute experience’

And so I wish you all a New year filled with possibilities for the creation of your own authenticity, and I hope our stories at some point intertwine during the course of 2015!