Money, Power, Ambition, Structure, Happiness, Health, Love what Drives you on?

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The human being is complex creation, constantly motivated to satisfy our drives. True, action drives can provide a sense of motivation, hope, and fulfillment but the journey towards satisfying and meeting these drives can develop anxiety, exhaustion, and a devalued sense of self if not met. I am reminded of Philosopher Epicurus who states

‘Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for’

As a blogger and Dance Movement Psychotherapist I am aware not to ‘project my voice above the rest’. Aiming for a co-created means of understanding and exploring various themes I have invited three guest bloggers to share their voice and add volume to this discussion.

I asked each person what they considered their main drive in life and how their body is involved in meeting this drive.

Ivo M, a newly qualified RMN answered:

My main Drive in live is my family, my children, my wife my parents. They are “The Power”,which make me feel stronger, the “fuel” for my “body engine”. When my soul is happier, my body is healthier and my achievements are higher, which contribute to my family overall wellbeing and happiness. It is a vicious circle…

I am sure we can all relate to Ivo’s ‘family’ drive, but what happens if our family connections break? I know that my own family connection is strong and at times overly attached but where do we seek the ‘power’ to sustain us when the physical connection is lost. I am reminded of the quote ‘home is where the heart is’ and I return to my body. The body created by other but sculpted and maintained by the self through the self.

Kurt Nagy a Student  Dancer and Dance Teacher has a highly developed relationship with his body and states:

 My main drive is to continue to do what I enjoy and what keeps me positive. I think a positive attitude is very important and try to see the best of any situation. Being a dancer and a dance teacher my body is the most important instrument in satisfying this drive. I love to dance and love the feeling of being in class, in performance or leading a class. I am aware that my body has a huge impact on my own personal drive to stay positive.

Science has proven that endorphins released through exercise and movement contribute to our sense of happiness and even positivity. I understand Kurt’s drive to dance,  to reach a sense of happiness completely. My concern rests with a society driven by technology, who spend the majority of their day still and confined to computer keyboard, touch screen phones and digital relations. Where is their body? Where is their source of Happiness? But more than this, what about the dancer who no longer dances?  As a Dancer myself I have witnessed that a reason why dancers stop is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go, instead of how far they have come. Dance has evolved into a quest for power and status and when not ‘achieved’ leaves an aching, unfulfilled body. We must hold onto to the joy of dance in its unique ability to express the human condition regardless of society’s demands, moving through to evoke that inner bodily peace.

My fellow RDMP Sarah Boreham ,writer and feminist researcher really spoke from the body in her answer, Sarah writes:

I consider my main drive in life to be the action drive: My view is that my body provides the vessel and vitality to physically impact and intra-act with the world, it is my body that is the starting point for me to become through movement, I guess I think of it in terms of the material body as primary, if we have any essence at all.

Sarah adds:

I feel like I have always been driven by change, learning and going forward that regularly my psyche and body literally take that out of my hands, either in the form of physical illness or stepping back/out from a situation by reaching or recoiling.

Through Sarah I am reminded that  as the driver on the journey towards satisfying our drives we must endeavour to ‘park’ rest and refuel , to protect our bodies on the journey towards satisfying  our own personal drives in life.

Admittedly I drive on a narrow road between perfection and satisfaction. I must allow myself to move with aspiration but be anchored simultaneously in what is ‘good enough’. Driven by contentment in myself and others.

Thank you to the writers who have helped drive this blog into existence. For the full article from Sarah Boreham please visit:

To conclude perhaps we can remind ourselves that Life can be pulled by goals as it can be pushed by drives. Let us take ownership of ourselves as the drivers, so our body is not objected to becoming merely the vehicle.