As I sit waiting in the arrivals lounge watching a constant stream of people, some hesitantly, some confidently, travel through the arrival gates, I start to question if we every wholly arrive anywhere.

Surely as our body/mind moves through various places and stages in our lives we are an enigma of constant change, never fully arriving, never fully ‘finished’. Growing through our collection of memories, both emotionally and physically. Whilst simultaneously decreasing through, our ability to forget and the scars that are left.

On a biological level, cells die and develop continuously and so our body itself is in a constant state of flux. What is interesting is biologically, we never fully ‘arrive’, we are never fully complete. Yet culturally we strive towards that feeling of wholeness and satisfaction. Driven by a need to arrive at where we envisage ourselves to be. True to course most ‘arrivals’ prompt the next part of the journey; the next yearning for more. How is it possible to achieve a sense of wholeness and satisfaction when consciously or unconsciously in a constant state of re -do, re -create, re-brand?

Perhaps this urge to continually create ourselves has developmental origins. Developmentally we posses the instinct to move, to satisfy curiosities and reach out. Perhaps, as our western culture continues to demand more time in a stationary, bound and still state reliant on technology, our bodies have become ever more hungry to move forward and outwards into our world. Thus creating a sense of never fully arriving anywhere yet simultaneously trying to be everywhere. We continue to arrive, to soon depart again. Driving a need to move is perhaps masking our developmental and instinctual desire to be moved and touched by others, non-virtual, cellular real life bodies

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