Its Monday and another week with its possibilities awaits. I spent the weekend reconnecting with my body and de-cluttering myself from the ‘me’and ‘not me’ stuff I had been carrying from the week before.

Sometimes this becomes challenging when our lives become interwoven with those that surround us. As psychotherapists we are encouraged to use a technique called bracketing,which literally aims to bracket the ‘me’ stuff from the ‘you’ stuff in order to keep our head above the waters of life. What about the ‘we’ stuff how do we bracket off from that?

The truth is you cant entirely, but how we choose to respond to the ‘we’ stuff is something we can learn to manage.
Responsibility, when broken down, is our ability to respond, and this is definitely changeable when awareness is brought to our responses to others and ourselves.

My responses to myself and others are often felt through the body. As a Dance Movement Psychotherapist I am aware that distortions and tensions in my movement is evidence of distortions and tension in myself.

So what can be done? What is the solution to bare the me, you and we of life?

The answer: kindness and patience. Its sounds trite but we often preach kindness and patience in supporting others, but do we offer the same support to ourselves? Rarely.

In theory in attending to the ‘me’ stuff first the ‘we’ stuff becomes more manageable because the me is more grounded to support the we.

In relationships,whether therapeutic or not the drive to provide the solution, the support, the love, to ease a situation can cause us to lose sight of ourselves. If we lose sight of ourselves how can we expect others to see us?

Reconnecting to the body is the first step in reconnecting and reestablish ourselves in our world and in our relationships.Feeling the body resonating, feeling alive, can transfer. By taking time to breathe, feeding our own body, we are simultaneously able to breathe life into our relationships.

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”


kim catr