imageThis Summer my sister has embarked on an Australian Adventure. Having lived together, not having her in close proximity has been rather a transitional experience.

Today as I walked through the busy streets of London I found myself glued to my smart phone. This small white block was allowing me to communicate with my sister on the otherside of the world, although physically absent, she was very much present, in the punctuation of her messages, the language she used, even the timing within each message was received.

How intimate and familiar this interaction was despite being brushed past by strangers on their way to their destinations. How curious that I was fully present with my sister virtually, yet totally removed from my present situation in my physical reality.

This interaction revealed two things:

1) How quickly the mind can became distracted through the virtual world, transporting us beyond where we are, even who we are

2) How the bond between siblings can sustain separation through the familiar rhythmic dialogues which have been inherited from the ‘home culture’ parents create.

I constantly move in and out of love with technology perhaps out of fear of its ability to substitute the body, however I feel assured that technology is no match for the complexities of the soul which has the ability to reach out and touch close and distant bodies…