This month I have been really aware of bridges in my life, bridges which link the old to the new, bridges that link those separated together, bridges which provide us with opportunity to meet someone in the middle.

What I am talking about here are both physical and metaphorical bridges. As I transition further into my professional role as a Dance Movement psychotherapist I have found myself working within Dementia care. The opportunity to work with this client group was unexpected but meant to be. The bridge that movement and music has created for these residents to communicate and share the parts of themselves, which they and others had forgotten about, is truly a blessing to witness and experience together.

I suppose we all need bridges to help us reach those things, experiences and people that at first seem unreachable. Perhaps the people we surround ourselves with can often provide the bridge to support us to make that transition to the next part of our journey.

Are you aware of the bridge you provide for others? Maybe you are building your own personal bridge to reach out and move forward. Or perhaps you are resting, admiring the view, knowing that when ready you can take that first step over your bridge.

When I find myself crossing a bridge I always bring my awareness to this simple structure which  brings two sides together, allowing life to pass back and forth, over and under.

Bridge View