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Category Archives: Kimberley Pena – Musings of a Dance Movement Psychotherapist

Moving into 2018, learning from 2017

2017 Provided: 2017 has been a year of momentus life changes for me, both professionally and personally. I became a wife in May and ultimately continued this adventure we call life with the man I call my anchor. I am in awe of his uncontiondal support, patience and ability to bring joy wherever he goes. […]

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Are you the Object or Subject of your life?

Recently a coffee break chat with a dear colleague (who is leaving the therapy team and returning to Portugal, but that’s another blog!) became the catalyst for this post. As we reminisced about our work together Jo voiced; “it wasn’t until we worked together that I really started becoming aware of myself as an object/subject” […]

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Body on the move

Taking care of your body in flight. Most recently a trip to the other side of the world from the UK has brought my awareness to the extra care needed to the vessel we travel in. Not the plane, train, boat or car but our own body that is dragged between time zones and demanded […]

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‘Home is where the Heart is’

In a culture motivated by slogans and quotes for that #mondaymotivation or that #fridayfeeling I feel a need to explore these familiar phrases to unpick a little of the mantra we seem, all to quickly, to adopt. So ‘Home is where the heart is’ is often connected to the image of a building inhabited by those we […]

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Raising a generation on Milk & Social Media

Having started working within Children and Adolescent Mental Health services, I am becoming even more aware of the detrimental effect social media is having on a generation. A generation who have been interacting via an iPad before they have begun to crawl or speak! The flashing images, and transfixing glow of the screen is our […]

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